Go Paperless!

If you wish to receive all communication from Riverside at Twin Rivers Community HOA, Inc. electronically, please contact our management company (management@riverside-hoa.org) to inquire.

Fall Garage Sale

The Riverside at Twin Rivers Community Association, Inc.’s Fall Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015, from 8:00am – 12:00pm.

Meeting about West Entrance

Seminole County traffic engineers are planning another meeting about our west entrance intersection for Thursday, July 9th, at 6:00 p.m.. The meeting will be held at Oviedo City Hall (located at 400 Alexandria Blvd.). Please plan to attend and express your individual opinions regarding the proposed intersection improvements. If you are unable to attend and want to express your views, you can contact Seminole County Commissioner Bob Dallari at bdallari@seminolecountyfl.gov to share your views. Please also feel free to include the Riverside Board of Directors (board@riverside-hoa.org) on your correspondence so that we are aware of your viewpoints and concerns.

Website Update

We are in the process of moving our website to a different server, and the site may go down periodically for the next 24 hours. Thank you for your understanding.

UPDATE: The website updates have been completed and there should be no additional downtime.

Keep Riverside Clean

We have noticed an increase in the amount of litter in our common areas such as the front entrances and around some of our ponds where residents choose to spend time fishing or enjoying the scenery. Unfortunately some of the litter has also been making its way into our ponds. Please help keep Riverside clean by taking your trash with you when you leave these areas. Individuals caught littering are in violation of the Florida Litter Law, and may be subject to fine. If you notice anyone littering in our community and can get a description of them or their vehicle (or even a photo), you can anonymously report them to the Board of Directors.

Solicitation in Riverside

Solicitation by individuals or business in Riverside is strictly prohibited, except for certain exempt groups. The City of Oviedo has also approved an ordinance regulating solicitors. For more information, visit http://www.cityofoviedo.net/node/1250. If you are approached by a solicitor and feel uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to contact the City of Oviedo Police Department’s non-emergency phone at 407-971-5700. This number should also be used to report any suspicious behavior.

New Website

Welcome to the new Riverside at Twin Rivers Community Association, Inc. website! Please send any comments about this website to the board. If you would like to access the old website, you may do so at this link.

Animal Waste

Please remember to clean up after your pets while walking them in our community. Those who do not clean up are in violation of city ordinance, and if caught, may be subject to a fine.

Paint Colors

Behr has made changes to their exterior paint colors and names, and in addition, Home Depot is no longer stocking the small color swatches. As a result of these unanticipated changes, the ARC has updated the color list. Color choices are very similar to the previously approved colors. The color names and numbers are specific to Sherwin Williams, but you are always welcome to use any vendor you’d like, so long as the colors match what you specify in your application. Please contact us if you have any questions whatsoever.

Respect the Wildlife

A friendly reminder to please respect our wildlife both on your property and in the common areas. Please do not feed them, chase them, or make any other attempt to injure them.